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The ApneaCity team has become known for their passion for breath-hold diving and for their promotion and development of the sport of freediving in Quebec and Canada.

Follow the links below for some examples of ApneaCity’s media involvement :

Radio-Canada Sports Podium (2017) - 14 min

Le calme des profondeurs

Short documentary shot during the ApneaCity' s depth competition in September 2017 in Thetford Mines, Qc.  Featuring Philippe Beauchamp (ApneaCity's Vice-President) and Joannie Huberdeau (ApneaCity's Instructor and National record holder)

> One Big Breath (2015) - 10 min

Short documentary on freediving and shark population conservation.

Written & Directed - Duncan McDowall
Starring - Philippe Beauchamp
Produced - Before the Wire -

> IMAX Great White Shark 3D (2013) - 40 min

A breathtaking encounter with the predator we love to fear.

Starring ApneaCity’s coach and mentor William Winram and the participation

of Francois Leduc as safety freediver.

Première Nord Américaine à Montréal de IMAX Great White Shark 3D.

Entrevue avec Gino Chouinard à Salut Bonjour

> L'importance de savoir lâcher prise dans la vie

et dans le sport (2013) - 22 min 56
Animation : Isabelle Juneau
Réalisation : Thomas L.Rinfret


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