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ApneaCity is the first AIDA (Association internationale pour le développement de l’apnée) and PADI school in Canada and the only AIDA school in the greater Montreal region.  ApneaCity is recognized by the Canadian national association, AIDA Canada.

ApneaCity was founded by two passionate freedivers, Philippe Beauchamp and Francois Leduc, both trained and certified by one of the world’s best known freedivers, William Winram.

Our Mission

ApneaCity aims to share a love of freediving as a SPORT and active lifestyle, and as a unique form of EXPLORATION of the aquatic world.  It also aims to promote CONSERVATION efforts in Quebec and around the world.

Our four fundamental values :


We believe that freediving must be practiced safely.  We therefore insist on a rigourous attention to safe diving practices.


We believe that freediving should be pleasurable.  The pleasure of freediving can be found in exploring the underwater world, in sharing a passion for the sport with other freedivers and in contributing to the conservation of marine life.

Challenging Yourself

We believe that freediving offers a unique opportunity to challenge oneself.  The sport requires freedivers to set personal goals and overcome their mental and physical limits.


We believe that the practice of freediving demands a respect for oneself, for others and for the aquatic environment.

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